My Bio-Poem


Wife, Mom, Grandma, Teacher, Inquirer

Principled, Risk Taker, Communicator, Organizer, Sharer

LOVER OF: books, gardening, children, family, friends

WHO BELIEVES: We must be lifelong learners.

WHO WANTS: A longer day to accomplish more, to spend more time with my grandson, to help all children succeed.

WHO USES: books, media life experiences and technology to increase my effectiveness as a teacher.

WHO GIVES: help to my fellow teachers, support to my family, and too much of my pay check to taxes.

WHO SAYS: Always do the right thing even if no one is looking! 

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    I share the belief of “we must be lifelong learners”. This is especially important as teachers as curriculum and...
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    A longer day to accomplish more! I hear ya! It always seems like the things I want to accomplish more of are…more time...
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